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One of the basic items you need to animate is  a lightbox. There are many different lightboxes, but only one is COPITOO oryginal.

Made in EUROPE,

FIVE-year Warranty

Key Features


Space technology in your hands. Aluminium, Carbon fiber, LEDs, Microprocessor at your service.

Magic design

This product comes to you with profesonal finishing. CNC, water & laser cutting technology.

Constant Developing

COPITTO develops products constantly. We are taking the feedback from our customers very seriously.

e-shop , try

You can buy it here

Safety payment

pay through PAYPAL or bank transfer , you have 30 days for checking our quality or sending lightbox back

5 Star Support

We are providing a 5 star suport for all of our clients. Do you need any help?

we design your product

we offer helping you to design your product



LED light

Enviromant friendly,

Save the Earth using LED.
CCT 3000K ( warm white)
or 6500K (cold white),

any other colour?


Aluminium Frame

Solid base + LED cooler

Major advantages of aluminium frame include lightweight, durable and carefree characteristics of this metal. The anodized finish of the aluminum provides a durable, non-toxic and moisture and UV resistant finish.


CARBON plate

Thin, rigid and light

The properties of carbon fibers, such as high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion, make them very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports.


Microprocessor control

PWM Dimmer

Touch control, turn on/off, dimmer, all in one dedicated microprocessor.

Small, Big or customized

You can choose different sizes started from A5 to A3

  • A5, A4, A3 - paper sheet version
  • LOGO on request
  • for professionals
  • maximum quality/value

Do you need bigger or smaller size ? Let us know. We can prepare different dimensions up to 1000x600mm. Special Shape ? also available.

Special power connector

it is the best I need

We are looking for Australia distributor